About Christopher Blakeslee

Photo of Christopher Blakeslee from February 2022

I’m Christopher Blakeslee, an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. Additionally, I’m a health consultant and author. I specialize in helping people like you who have chronic illnesses and/or chronic pain. With former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons, I am writing a book about managing and thriving through chronic health conditions.

As a Functional Health Coach, I employ a Functional Medicine perspective. This perspective considers every part of your health. I motivate, support, and guide you to make lifestyle changes. My approach helps you improve your chronic health conditions so you can do more and feel better.

I’ve studied motivational interviewing to tap into your strengths. Also, I learned about the Transtheoretical Model of Change to match action with where your readiness. Thanks to these and my experience, I’ll help you stay inspired to successfully see through your health journey. On your path to improvement, I’ll help you to develop an unbreakable mindset! I’m your dedicated expert to help you create plans that cause lasting benefits. I know the ins and outs of which goals are realistic and what obstacles can get in your way. Additionally, I can share neuroscience knowledge to keep your pain in check and even lower it.

In my practice, I personalize approaches to each client. Every person has a unique journey and current context. Both must be addressed on an individual basis. From this base, I approach each case considering every important health category. For example, I can help you with diet and stress management. And I’ll help you find the exercise program that works for you and get proper daily sleep and sunshine. Finally, I can also guide you to lessen your exposure to environmental toxins and reduce reliance on medications. I’ll help you to make changes throughout your lifestyle!

My Story

I had many severe symptoms and a terribly limited life throughout fifteen years of disability. For thirty-four years, I suffered from autoimmune diseases. I dealt with interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and intense neuropathic pain. I’ve felt the despair of believing I had no way to improve. I know how it feels to be completely stuck. And I’ve been demoralized and in too much pain to even try another health approach.

Across fifteen years of study, I put together an integrated method that led to my solution! That approach combines Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, and a survive-and-thrive mindset. Also, it includes pain neuroscience, which I learned from my practitioner and writing collaborator, Dr. Lemons. But I found that even with the solution, I had a new problem. Implementing the plan was just as difficult as finding it!

How could I walk five miles per day when flinching was deeply painful? And how could I stick with my plan when little brought me happiness? What counted as progress? I saw why even the best health practitioners couldn’t help some cases. Two things are needed! First, each of us needs an individualized approach to health and implementation. Second, we could use an ally who gets what it’s like to live every moment when their health is impaired. It took me years to discover how to turn these abstract ideas into practical solutions. In doing so, I conquered all of my health problems! I developed excellent health and realized the value I have to offer.

A Career in Health

My Career in Health Coaching

My study and practice taught me principles that can help anyone. I’ve continually seen my clients progress with their chronic health problems. Offering my full toolkit of knowledge, experience, skills, and empathy makes health coaching perfect for me! To quote Chris Kresser, “there’s a behavior change expert who’s uniquely positioned to help you make the changes necessary to prevent and reverse chronic disease: the health coach.” I hear my true calling in this quote. My entire life has prepared me for this work. That’s why I became a doubly-certified health coach. And it’s why I offer health consulting services and am writing a book.

I love my job! It is a solemn honor to be part of the betterment of others. There’s nothing quite like the delight of building a long-term coaching relationship supporting someone in the pursuit of becoming their best. And seeing them return to a joyful and purposeful life makes every moment fulfilling on the deepest level for me. I wouldn’t trade this work for anything. I also deeply enjoy health consulting. Helping others accelerate their progress by learning from my experience and study of unconventional health resources and principles is very rewarding. Both of these services are available to you so that I have multiple ways to put my entire arsenal at your disposal.

I know there’s a way forward for you, just like there was for me. Together, we’ll do everything in our power to help you get results similar to mine. Finally, you won’t be alone in your health journey. I look forward to seeing you have your best health and a life you love!