Autoimmune Recovery

Autoimmune recovery is what anyone dreams of when they have an autoimmune disease. The symptoms and pain on their own can be disabling. The limits such conditions put on your life can cause you great emotional suffering. Getting out of that cycle of pain and anguish can seem impossible. However, it is possible. A little over three years into my health recovery, all of my autoimmune diseases finally went into remission. This was despite me struggling with them for thirty-four years! Reaching autoimmune recovery takes an all-out assault. It takes lifestyle changes, pain neuroscience, mindset work, and often, Functional Medicine to find all of the root causes of the problems.

Below, you’ll find articles on what autoimmune diseases are and how you can best deal with them. This page is your one-stop answer for dealing with autoimmune problems and implementing the sometimes tricky solutions.

It’s time to get you on the road to remission and autoimmune recovery! Your relief is at hand.