I’m Christopher Blakeslee, a holistic health coach. Holistic health coaching is a collaborative process to help people improve their chronic health conditions and pain with lifestyle changes. I help people suffering from chronic illness and chronic pain to make personalized improvement plans. This includes interventions such as diet, exercise, and stress management. My approach is based on Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, pain neuroscience, and mindset work.

I am ideally suited for this work because, like you, I have dealt with severe chronic illness and pain. And I’ve completely overcome them! I struggled through the agony of thirty-four years with autoimmune diseases and fifteen years of disability from the symptoms and pain. Now, I’m writing a book with former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons about how to manage and reverse chronic health conditions.

I am your constant ally through the hard times and the good times. I know how to help you cope with symptom flare-ups and get to the root of what’s causing them. And I’ll never judge you negatively for not reaching a goal. I’m also an expert at helping people with health problems to make realistic and achievable goals. If you’re just starting your recovery or have already made some progress, I can help you take the next step.

I also offer health consulting services where I teach about pain neuroscience, the protocol that reversed my fifteen years of disability, and Functional Medicine principles.

I can’t wait to help you through your health journey to become your best!

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