March 29, 2021

Christopher Blakeslee Pain-Free Birthday 2021

Starting on my birthday, I had three consecutive days with pain-free time after only getting one such period in 25 years! Happy Birthday to me! I had nine hours without pain on my birthday, six the day after, and four on the following day. Yesterday, my pain was only a one out of ten every time I checked, and I feel similarly today as I’m about to start lifting weights.

To set the context: I miscalculated when I started my fifteenth five-day water fast. I thought it would be over the day before my birthday, but once I checked my calendar, I realized I would be breaking my fast at my birthday dinner. I had hoped to have a day of normalcy before my revelry. But instead of this ruining the day, it turned out wonderfully! My best friend used his massage therapy talents to give me a massage, and after, I had zero pain! Talk about the best birthday present ever! This photo is of me before my birthday dinner, soaking up the feeling of a quiet body.

The pain relief lasted through my delicious fast-breaking meal with my treasured friends. We had sushi at Eurasia. I ate a ton of fish, had some sake, and then went out for drinks after. To my amazement, I had no pain with any of the alcohol I drank. Usually, I get an immediate warmth through my neck and face that becomes increasingly painful. It can also trigger some of my old IC symptoms. But nothing happened! The first time I was pain-free was in similar circumstances–it was a year ago when my pain was very low entering an extended fast and after getting a massage. The pain relief must be due to all the stem cell generation from the extended fast plus the endorphin release of a massage. The first time, the pain-free time only lasted three hours. This time, the pain didn’t return until nine hours later at bedtime, but it was only the faintest of stings in my feet and waist. Last time, my pain was back to a 2-3 out of 10 by the next day. I haven’t had pain above a two for more than a few moments in the past few days. This looks to be more long-term progress for me! I knew I had a good shot at getting more pain-free time since my pain was at its lowest since I began weightlifting last year.

On a mental note, I took my birthday off to reflect on everything good in my life and remind myself of all the goals I want to achieve this year. That put me in a great mood because I’ve already done a lot. Then, going out with my dear friends capped off the experience for me. As always, they were great company. I was serenely jolly all night! It’s still new to me to be able to go out and fully enjoy my birthday. For too many years, if I did go out, I was putting a great deal of energy into not paying attention to how awful I felt, and it wasn’t the best of celebrations since I always knew how dim my prospects were for the next year of my life. There’s nothing quite like having that pain and those thoughts gone and spending my time with great people.

I love my life. I’ve worked hard for decades to get to this point with my health, and it is intensely satisfying to get such complete results after so many years of nothing but failure, pain, and more symptoms. In addition to the physical progress, my work is perfect for me, and it couldn’t be more rewarding for me to help others with chronic health problems improve themselves as I have. I think the best is yet to come for me.