Healing with Lifestyle Changes

Healing with lifestyle changes sounds simple–too simple to shift a severe chronic illness. And yet, they were the most powerful pillar of my remarkable recovery from over thirty-four years of chronic health problems and fifteen years of disability. It was amazing to me how much my body healed merely shifting my diet, moving hourly, and getting in rhythm with the sun.

And yet, as simple as they seem, they can be challenging to make! Anyone who has been full of intention and gusto has made a New Year’s Resolution and then seen how hard it is to implement it. It’s magnitudes harder to make these kinds of changes when you have a chronic health problem or chronic pain. I found out first-hand how difficult it could be to heal with lifestyle changes during my recovery. I came up with a foolproof method for accomplishing any rational goal. That’s one major reason why I became a Functional Health Coach–to help others under extreme duress to find a way to achieve their goals and to heal with lifestyle changes. Here, you’ll find articles based on my method for helping you get your life back and heal with a foundation of lifestyle changes!