July 1, 2021

Christopher Blakeslee Month Update July 2021

Here is my health update for June. I recovered after the parasite detox reaction and had an excellent month! I’m going to resume the anti-parasite protocol now. I traveled a great deal this month, which made it ill-advised to continue with many negative symptoms.

This was my lowest pain month yet during my recovery. I had my fifth day where I had time without pain in the last twenty-five years! This was the first time I was pain-free and it wasn’t soon after an extended fast or a massage. It’s surely a good sign for my continued progress. I suspect part of the reason for the lack of pain is I didn’t have access to my weights. Weightlifting is still one of my top pain triggers, albeit a weak one now. I think as I continue to tease my pain, it will continue to cause me less pain to lift.

I also started a big diet shift, transitioning from a moderate carbohydrate paleo diet to a cyclical Mediterranean ketogenic diet. The most significant change is eliminating starch from my diet once or twice per day in favor of a lot of fat from fish, avocado oil, and olive oil to get into ketosis while avoiding the saturated fat risk that could come from my APoE-4 gene. I’m trying this even though my last sixteen months on a moderate carbohydrate paleo diet were the best I’ve felt in twenty-five years. Despite that success, I suspect that my drop in pain during that time isn’t necessarily because of the increase to moderate carbohydrate intake from relatively low previously.

I decided to give this diet a shot to see if my pain drops even further and to lean out. I had bulked up to 175 pounds as part of my muscle-building goal for the year. That was a gain of 21 pounds that was almost entirely good weight! Now I have more muscle to burn fat, making it easier to lose the rest of my disability-era excess.

I made modest improvements this month with lifting compared to my last health update due to the aforementioned regular traveling I did. However, I still set new personal records on all of my lifts, but only by about five pounds on each and two pounds on my chin-ups. I can now deadlift more than my body weight for the first time. Also, I integrated running up a hill at least five times per day. That should help train my exercise-induced asthma to better tolerate playing sports, which is a goal I have for next year.

I ended the month with my sixteenth five-day water fast in the past three years. I lost 9.9 pounds and 5/8ths inch off my waist this time. Surprisingly, this fast was one of the hardest I’ve done. My energy level was lower than usual, and I had more pain associated with the latter part of the fast. I suspect this could be due to my transition toward being a fat-burner on my ketogenic diet not being complete when I started the fast, but mostly because I had moderately tweaked my back, causing pain just before the fast began. I still felt great at the end of the fast, but the back pain kept me just shy of being pain-free.

However, I didn’t have any autoimmune symptoms or typical pain at the end of the fast, so that’s another big win! I think I would have had more pain-free time had I not had the minor back injury.

I’m eager to see where the diet change leads me in the coming months. I suspect I’ll be feeling even better by the time of my next health update!