See all of Christopher Blakeslee’s latest media appearances here! I speak about my health journey, how I improved, and all the principles of lifestyle medicine, mindset work, pain neuroscience, and Functional Medicine. Other topics include my health coaching and consulting work, the book I’m writing with former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons, implementing specific health interventions, and more.


Vitality Praxis

Here’s my appearance on March 9, 2021, on the Vitality Praxis podcast with Celia Alario. Celia and I spent most of the time discussing my recovery story and how I got better. We also touched on my coaching and consulting work and the book I’m writing about managing and reversing chronic health conditions with Dr. Jim Lemons.

The Chronic Comeback

Here is my interview with Phil Hadfield on The Chronic Comeback on July 21, 2021. This episode is almost purely about my lengthy health story. There are more particulars of my personal journey than in the videos I made or when I was on Vitality Praxis or Chronically Healing. There’s also a bit about how I recovered and my coaching and consulting work.

Natural Evolution Season 1

“Your journey is the longest and most difficult one I’ve probably ever heard anybody talk about.” — Michael Roesslein responding to my health story.

We covered my story, what can be learned from my experience, and many larger pearls of wisdom about surviving chronic pain and chronic illnesses.
This is a two-part interview to cover the many facets of my lengthy and unusual health journey.

Chronically Healing

On March 8, 2021, I had the pleasure of joining Jessie Fritz on her podcast, Chronically Healing. We talked about my health journey and recovery, did a thorough dive into lifestyle changes, and explored the basics of pain neuroscience.