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My chronic illness and chronic pain recovery story have been a multi-year process, and I’m often told it’s helpful to others to see how I managed it. I’ve been documenting my health progress and improvement since late 2018. On this page are the archives of those posts. I’ve included them to give you an idea of what a lengthy health recovery story looks like. There are many pearls of wisdom here for navigating the early stages of a chronic pain recovery story. These posts also show a fuller picture of what my determined mindset to never give up is like. I hope these old posts give you insights to how to personalize your health journey and to add to your fuel to always keep fighting for your best health.

I wrote about many topics over the years. There is a particular focus on my incremental exercise approach. Also, there’s a great deal of information on how I’ve made extended water fasts work in my life. Importantly, I also write about attaining my values, and what makes me happy, like when I finally was healthy enough to move out on my own again. Those are both endorphin-generating and experiences that are important for healing.

I still occasionally update my recovery story here to show what my tweaking looks like now as I continue my quest for improvement. I’ve come a long way from barely being able to stand and walk! Now the posts are about advanced topics. You’ll read about adding muscle through weightlifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and using ice baths and other hormetic stressors to increase my resilience and decrease my pain. I’m not satisfied with just driving my autoimmune diseases to remission. I want to become pain-free!

These newer posts are also where I write about my experiences with new health treatments, like biotuning for chronic pain.

May my recovery story be a model for yours!

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