The Balance Health Coach Functional Health Coaching Newsletter is a chronic illness and pain resource. It features help for those suffering from chronic pain, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and other chronic diseases. In this newsletter, you’ll find updates on the book I’m writing with former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons about managing and reversing chronic health problems. You’ll also get news about all of my media appearances and any new research or chronic health problem treatments that I find. And you’ll read articles about relevant topics concerning chronic health problems, their management, and strategies to overcome them.

Article topics include:

  • How implementing lifestyle changes can improve your chronic health problems
  • How to develop and implement a survive-and-thrive mindset for all the challenges you’ll face
  • Pain neuroscience and how it can help change your pain responses
  • How Functional Medicine uses an integrated approach to find the root causes of dysfunction and to address them simultaneously

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Chapter 1: My Recovery Story

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