Survive-and-Thrive Mindset

A positive psychology-informed mindset for chronic illness is essential to survive and thrive through such conditions. I wouldn’t have made it through my fifteen years of disability without the life-oriented outlook I developed. This kind of approach to life will help you make it through even the worst trials of chronic health problems. It also enables your best possible healing through pain-relieving endorphin generation and gets your body into rest and digest mode more often. The mind is linked to the body, so changing your thinking can greatly benefit your health.

You’ll learn about how to develop this mindset for chronic illness even if you’re at rock-bottom. In the following articles, there are topics about adjusting to the new context of your impaired life. You’ll read about how to hold on to hope and build a foundation that leads to repeated successes with your health problems.

Read on for tactics to make yourself mentally bulletproof to chronic illnesses and chronic pain!