If You’d Like to:

  • Do more despite your health problems

  • Implement neuroscience principles to cope with your pain

  • Successfully make a lasting dietary change

  • Reduce your stress amidst chronic illness or injury

  • Find exercise that works for you

  • Develop a better day/night cycle

  • Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins

  • Have an ally who has conquered chronic health problems

You’re in the right place! With my Functional Health Coaching and Health Consulting services, I can help you do all these things and more. I’ve overcome all the challenges of thirty-four years of autoimmune disease and fifteen years of disability, and I’m passionate about helping you to reclaim your life and to achieve your best health!

I’m Here to Help

I can coach you to create personalized, weekly and long-term plans to achieve your best health and best life. We’ll explore and apply your unique strengths to implement your health vision in the realm of diet and lifestyle. My approach is informed by my decades of experience with solving my severe health problems and the book I’m writing with former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons regarding lifestyle changes, pain neuroscience, and the mindset required to survive and thrive through chronic health problems.

To ensure I could communicate these concepts and help you tap into their power to fuel change, I became an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach through Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Academy. Now I’m armed with motivational interviewing techniques and the Transtheoretical Model of Change. I can help you find the answers that engage your passion for life and activate your inspiration and values to attain your wellness goals.

I’m happy to work with you if you want to make changes on your own, or I’ll coordinate with your health care team.

My Experience and Understanding

In my health journey, I found it was just as challenging to figure out how to implement a proper protocol as it was to find the proper protocol. No health professional could grasp what living each agonizing minute of my life was like, let alone help me with all the changes I had to make. Sound familiar? I’ve been there and emerged with a better life with more vibrant health than I’ve ever had. I want to use everything I’ve learned to help you find your roadmap to your best health.

During my near-lifelong health problems, I became an endless source of empathy and motivational energy. I want to share that with you. I’ve felt the hopelessness of turning your life around when it seems like everything is against you, and you’re in intense pain and emotional distress. I know the depth of loneliness when no one grasps life with impaired health and the brutal voice of your inner critic when you’re unable to meet the standards of healthy individuals. I’ll never become discouraged or disappointed if setbacks arise. I understand.

When you’re working with me, I’ll be your ally and supportive confidant alongside you the entire way.

Success in All Health Scenarios

I gained insights from my health journey into the many nuances of living through impaired circumstances. I learned how to create reasonable goals for myself under extreme duress, such as when I was under the influence of multiple narcotics and muscle relaxers, could barely move, and had all day to implement changes. I’ve also succeeded when integrating high-intensity interval training despite having nerve pain and a schedule where I work around the clock–and the many scenarios between those extremes. I’m confident that we can find goals and action plans for your context.

Christopher Blakeslee Functional Health Coach Before After 2

Let’s Work Together!

Are you ready to achieve your best health? I’m prepared to bring all of my enthusiasm and make my experience into your asset. I can’t wait to become a partner in your journey toward your brightest future.

Health Coaching Services

Health coaching is a collaborative process. I help you develop realistic plans for lifestyle changes that result in lasting improvement in your health. After a free 60-minute discovery call, 60-minute and 30-minute coaching sessions are available for $125 and $62.50. We’ll start with setting up a wellness vision for your ideal future. Then we’ll work weekly to implement it. All calls are online teleconferences on Zoom, so we can connect anywhere in the world. All session recordings are available for download at your request.

Free 60-minute discovery call

This call is where we’ll connect and see if we’re a fit for health coaching. You’ll learn about what collaborating with me is like, all the ways that I support you, and what you can expect from each appointment. We’ll also do a short coaching session on a problem you’d like to make progress with so you can experience what future coaching calls could be like. If you’re interested in working together at that point, we’ll brainstorm for the future and explore setting up a visioning session.

  • Get to know each other

  • Share our health journeys

  • Ask me anything about coaching

  • Explore what the coaching relationship is like

  • Get an in-depth look at my unique coaching approach and procedures

  • Experience a short coaching session

  • Brainstorm for the future

When You Can Expect Improvement from Coaching:

Some improvements should be seen early on–perhaps after the first session. But it is impossible to predict improvement due to the complex nature of chronic health problems. I suggest making lifestyle changes for at least three months before expecting appreciable improvements.

Health Consulting Sessions

These sessions are different from coaching sessions. In health consulting appointments, the time is spent however you want with me in an advisory and expert resource role rather than a motivational collaborator. You can tell me your health story or ask me questions about unconventional health resources. I’m happy to share the hows of my recovery and protocol, along with ideas on mindset, pain neuroscience, and other subjects from the book I’m writing with Dr. Lemons. Due to my knowledge and experience, no area of chronic health problems is out of bounds.

I offer this service separate from coaching calls so that I have multiple ways to be of assistance to you and put my entire toolkit in your arsenal. I find that coaching leads to much more lasting recoveries, but I understand if you’d rather pick my brain as a health resource instead and make changes with your lifestyle on your own.

  • Tell me your health story

  • Ask me about unconventional health options

  • Hear about the protocol that reversed my chronic health problems

  • Learn about content from my book

  • Online teleconference on Zoom so we can connect anywhere in the world

  • All session recordings available for download and replay